Marketing & Advertizing

The influencer marketing is one of our greatest strengths. Our social media professionals and influencers can a comprehensive knowledge about all the leading social media platforms. The world is active on the social sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and some other platforms and it’s a great opportunity to interact with such a huge spectrum of audience and promote your brand. We help you raise awareness about your brand on the social platforms and make loyal fans there without putting many endeavours.


We offer 10+ years of experience in marketing software development to help enterprises improve efficiency of their channel strategies in many industries:

FMCG Manufacturing


Trade Promotion Management Software

Trade promotion management (TMP) applications enable you to achieve growth for your brand by:

  • Planning promotion campaigns and forecasting sales volume
  • Controlling how the commitments to retailers are executed
  • Reviewing the campaign results including the amount of shipped goods and promotion costs
  • Analyzing sales based on the data from the consumer research company and retailers

Advertising Planning

Analyze and plan ad campaigns across multiple media channels such as TV, Internet, radio, printed press and out-of-home commercials. Combine all the media types in one plan to find the optimal advertising strategy tailored to your needs. Enjoy comprehensive visualized reports induced from sophisticated mathematical models on a single platform.

Social Marketing Solutions

We develop marketing software to help you turn social networks into a customer acquisition tool:

  • Social marketing applications
  • Social analytics to track user activity and prepare analytical reports
  • Campaign applications integrated with social networks

Loyalty Software

Ensure more loyal relationships with your clients by tracking and analyzing what makes them satisfied:

  • Customer account management: boost prospect interest through personalized offers and track the purchase history, promotion response and more
  • Mobile loyalty applications: personalize promotions and provide relevant product information, both in store and at home
  • Analytics and reporting: analyze promotions impact and loyalty program ROI, track trends in customer behavior and forecast sales

Marketing Aata Analysis

Make smarter marketing decisions thanks to:

  • Consumer survey analysis: collecting and processing survey data to uncover the real drivers of consumer behavior
  • Marketing campaign analysis: tracking key campaign metrics and monitoring overall performance
  • Sales analysis: processing and unifying data to estimate growth potential as well as optimize sales and marketing activities

Our services cover the marketing data analysis process from A to Z:

  • Data Ware House (DWH) implementation
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes, reporting and visualization
  • Predictive analytics

Real-time bidding in Online Advertisement

Leverage cost-efficient and optimized ad campaigns with the help of RTB systems or its key components:

  • Demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Supply-side platforms (SSPs)
  • Data management platforms (DMPs)
  • Analytics